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WordPress Plugin To Resize Images Without Cropping Now Available

One of the issues I have really disliked about WP is image cropping.

On our site News For Shoppers, I needed a way to resize images into a square without cropping them. When WP cropped the images, it would end up with vital pieces missing. I needed the whole image, but resized, so it would fit our layout.

To complicate things, I needed images resized, without cropping – and without any actual thinking involved. I didn’t want my users to have to work on getting images ‘right’ or spend any time on it, Just upload, be resized, and put it on the page.

I did lots of searching for a plugin that would do this. Nothing. I asked around at various forums and was told it couldn’t be done.

I tend to not listen to people that tell me things can’t be done – so I kept looking and eventually found someone who had put something like this together as part of a theme he had developed for photographers. He kindly broke it out of the theme for me and uploaded it to the WP plugin repository.

The plugin, called jresizr, resizes a complete image and adds a background color to any unused portions of the image, to make it to the required dimensions.

So rather than have poor crops or (even worse) stretched images, you can use jresizr to have standardized image sizes in your layout while keeping the entire image intact. Nice thing is, you just install it and you’re done. It does the resize as images upload, and you just select the image size you want when you embed the image on the page.

This might also be helpful to those of you that use sliders and end up with distorted images.

You’ll find jresizr here:

Be sure to drop a note in the plugin’s support forum and thank the author for putting this together for us 🙂

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