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How To Submit Your Site To Bing News

bingnewsBing News does not provide a specific form for news sites to apply for inclusion.

With Bing, a news site submission is initiated through Bing’s default support form and then completed via email.

When I decided to apply to Bing News, I started by entering my site into Bing Webmaster Tools.

I don’t know if that is a requirement – but it seemed like a good idea to establish a history with Bing.

After giving that some time, I submitted a request through Bing’s support form.

I kept it pretty simple, just politely requesting that our site be included in the Bing News index and giving them a brief summary of what our site covers and its history.

The very next day I received a response asking for these specific things:

  • An introduction, historical background, and credentials of the site.
  • A credible ranking of the site in its field, if any.
  • The location the site covers (or specific user groups).
  • Statistics on the site including the  number of daily/monthly visitors
  • The number of news stories published each day.
  • The main news entry point and entry points of major channels.
  • An RSS link.
  • And they pointed out that the site must be news or mostly news related, and that it must comply with the technical requirements on the Webmaster Tool blog about “good” search engine optimization.

Unfortunately, the email did not contain a link for that last part – the blog post about the technical requirements for “good” seo.

After a search, I found this possibility – but it doesn’t really cover any technical requirements though. If you know what post they are referring to, please leave it in the comments section below.

I answered their email with my responses and the wait began. It took just over a month before I heard back from Bing News with the results of their review.  About two days later our articles began showing up in Bing News!

Not a bad application process in all.

It would be nice if Bing had a specific help center for Bing News publishers that included guidelines and a dedicated news site submission form. À la Google News.

That said though, in my experience their email support is great. I’ve heard the same thing from other publishers too. Fast, personal, and very competent.

Applying for Bing News has been well worth the effort. They are a major player in the online news industry now and handle a substantial amount of traffic.

Have you applied? What was your experience like – and any advice for others?

Leave your comments below!

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