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How To Get Your Site Into Google News

Want to get your site into Google News?

Here’s 12 tips to help you get your site approved:

12)  Read and understand the Google News Guidelines.

11) Have no promotional content as ‘news’.

10) Original news content is the key.

9) Learn how to write news articles.

8) Publish articles with nearly flawless grammar.

7) Include author bylines, bios, and dates on your stories.

6) Have a good ‘About Us’ page.

5) Have a good  ‘Contact Us’ page.

4) Have the look and feel of a news site.

3) Feature an excellent user experience.

2) Use only white hat SEO.

1)  Be a real, solid, ongoing, news site!

For all the details, watch the full video:


Need Help?

Free help, tips, and advice are available through the Google News Publisher Help Forum.

I am also available as a paid consultant.

If you want personal, private, help to get your site into Google News, contact me at: [email protected]

A list of the links mentioned in this video:

Google News Publisher Help Forum

Google News Guidelines

Google News Publisher Help Center

Google News on promotional content

Google News on separating content

Wikipedia: Journalism overview

Wikipedia: News Style Writing on Journalism on News Writing

Good writeup on the inverted pyramid (and front loading!)

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