I’m Chris Andrews, a Platinum Level Product Expert on the Google News Publisher Help forum and the owner of Andrews Consulting.

GN Publisher is a WordPress plugin designed to output RSS feeds that comply with the Google News RSS Feed Technical Requirements for inclusion in the Google News Publisher Center.

The plugin addresses common issues in the RSS feed that cause publications to be turned down, including:

  • Incomplete articles
  • Duplicate images
  • Missing images or media
  • Missing content (usually social media/Instagram embeds)
  • Title errors (missing or repeated title)


GN Publisher is a standard WordPress plugin and can be installed and activated through your site’s WordPress admin section. Just search for GN Publisher in the WP plugins repository and install and activate.

GN Publisher may also be downloaded to your computer and uploaded, installed, and activated through your WP Admin plugins section.

Once installed and activated, you can find your GN Publisher RSS feed that contains all of your posts at:

    If permalinks are enabled:

https://yoursite.com/feed/gn  (primary feed)

https://yoursite.com/yourcategory/feed/gn  (category feeds)

   If permalinks are not used:

https://yoursite.com/?feed=gn  (primary feed)

https://yoursite.com/yourcategory/?feed=gn   (category feeds)


–  Remove Featured Image

Some publishers find that their featured image is displayed twice when the article is rendered in the Google News Publisher Center. Google News will turn your site down if that happens. If you see your featured image twice in your articles in the Publisher Center, click on this setting and save.

Next, return to your Google News Publisher Center.  Under the ‘content’ tab, refresh the feed. Wait 10 minutes to give the crawler time to recrawl the feed. Then refresh the entire page in your browser and view your articles to make sure the duplicate images are gone.

–  Replace WP feeds with GN Publisher feeds

If you already have your feeds set up in the Google News Publisher Center and wish to keep them in place without making changes to the feed url, but want to use GN Publisher feeds, activate this setting. This may affect any other services that crawl your standard WordPress RSS feed.

Before Applying In The Google News Publisher Center

Check your publication carefully!

Because of the huge number of ways that publishers, plugins, and themes, can manipulate WordPress posts, we can’t guarantee that this plugin will result in the technical requirements being met.

In the Publisher Center, check under ‘content’ > ‘articles’, and make sure:

  • Your articles include the full text and appear correctly
  • That each article includes at least one image, and that images are not repeated within an article.
  • Fonts and formatting appear normal.
  • There’s no missing media, extra or garbled characters, or other issues that cause the article to appear odd or unfinished.

You’ll also need to meet additional requirements in the Publisher Center, such as verifying your domain, selecting an appropriate publication name, and setting up your logos correctly.

Be aware that Google has certain Content Polices for sites included on Google News properties. More information about applying is available on the Google News Publisher Help Center.

Where To Get Help!

– Free –

If you need help with the GN Publisher plugin or anything related to the RSS feeds that are created, please ask on the official WordPress GN Publisher plugin support forum.

If you need general help as a Google News publisher, or help with the Google News Publisher Center, please ask for help on the official Google News Publisher Help Forum. I or some of the other regulars on the forum will try to help.

– Paid Consulting –

I am also available for private consulting with a focus on discoverability and optimization for surfacing on Google News, Newsstand, Top Stories, Discover, Articles for You, and other Google related (and emerging) properties, plus content and readership development.

Ready to take your site to the next level?

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