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Contribute/Guesting Posting

I’d love to have you add articles to Andrews Publishing!

Well, ok, there is a big IF… If you have something useful to contribute.

It can be just about anything useful to online publishers and journalists.

You can post an article on SEO for news sites. How authors can build their readership. How publishers and writers can earn more money. Tips on grammar or effective writing. Advice/how-to improve writing ability. How to track a lead or deal with a press rep.

You can provide tips or code snippets for WordPress sites. Advice on plugins helpful to multi-author WP sites and/or news sites. Suggestions on getting a site approved for Google or Bing News.

Pretty much anything helpful to publishers and journalists.

What we don’t take? Spam. If you are going to contribute a shallow, keyword dense, barely understandable, useless, article with your links embedded, forget about it. Won’t happen here.

The benefits: other than helping others, benefits include a link to your (family friendly) site in your bio. You can also include your Google + profile (and get Google Authorship credit), FB and Twitter links. You’ll also have a journalist link here on Andrews Publishing to other articles you have contributed here.

If you love to write, you might also consider joining us on News For Shoppers. You’ll get all the above benefits – plus up to a 70% revenue share on the articles you write – and your stories will appear in both Google News and Bing News!

Experts Wanted!

I'm looking for a few great writers!

Experts in the following topics are wanted:

- Tech
- Smartphones
- Tablets
- Gaming
- iStuff, Macs
- Apps & More!

- Entertainment
- Movies
- Music
- TV Shows
- Streaming Services

- And More!
- Fashion
- Pet Products
- Cars
- Insurance
- Health Products
- Food & Grocery
- Restaurants
- Specific Stores
- Deals & Sales
- Social Sites
- ... and more!

Click on the link below for more info: