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About Andrews Publishing

Me & my daughter, Gina, owner of Gina’s News For Kids

Hi! I’m Chris Andrews, the owner/editor of Andrews Publishing and News For Shoppers, a Top Contributor on the Google News Publisher Help forum, and a homeschooling Dad!

Here on Andrews Publishing you’ll find a mash-up of information, tips, advice and ideas for online publishers and journalists. We’ll primarily focus on news sites – but much of the information will be useful for other types of sites as well.

This is a collaborative effort. Along with sharing what I have learned, I may just ask you for help too! Have something to contribute? I welcome guest posts!

Most of our focus will be on publishing and writing on WordPress, Google News, and Bing News sites. But be sure to check out the what-not section as well! That category is reserved for whatever I might want to share at the moment, could be anything!

If you are a journalist – consider writing for News For Shoppers! We cover consumer and entertainment news. We offer great benefits, including revenue sharing, your own byline, Google Authorship, a link to your G+ account, a section for your bio and a link to your site on every article you write, plus a listing on our journalists page. Learn more.



Experts Wanted!

I'm looking for a few great writers!

Experts in the following topics are wanted:

- Tech
- Smartphones
- Tablets
- Gaming
- iStuff, Macs
- Apps & More!

- Entertainment
- Movies
- Music
- TV Shows
- Streaming Services

- And More!
- Fashion
- Pet Products
- Cars
- Insurance
- Health Products
- Food & Grocery
- Restaurants
- Specific Stores
- Deals & Sales
- Social Sites
- ... and more!

Click on the link below for more info: