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5 Powerful SEO Tips For Writers

SEO TipsWhat is the Importance of SEO?

Search Engine Optimized (SEO) articles are an essential tool in attracting traffic to your website. Well SEO’d articles use relevant keywords to enhance the chances of ranking high in search engines.

A great website with no traffic is no good. So lets take a look at 5 SEO  tips to bring traffic to your article.

5 Tips for Creating Great SEO Articles

1. Write informative content: It is easy to put too much emphasis on keywords and end up filling an article with fluff, which is not helpful to anyone. After picking a topic which is clearly related to your products, carry out an extensive research to come up with factual, informative and unique content. Cut a niche for yourself as a voice of authority in your niche. This will not only attract, but also to retain, your traffic – as well as earn you referrals, mentions and backlinks.

2. Research on the keywords: Put yourself in the mind of your prospective clients and determine the words or phrases that they are most likely to use in the search engines. The length of the phrase is also important, with research showing that 2 and 3 word phrases are the most commonly used. By incorporating the right keywords, you can be assured that visitors will find your website.

3. Be careful on keyword density: The most effective keyword density generally ranges from 3-5%. Any amount below or above this is likely to have negative effects. Too many keywords will cause the search engine algorithm to label your site as spam. If they are too few, on the other hand, your website will hardly ever get any traffic. There are programs available to analyze your articles and inform you the keyword density.

4. Be social: Engage the reader on a higher level by allowing comments, sharing and even rating of the articles. This is an essential step in forming a long term relationship with your readers by letting them feel that they are part of you and not just strangers. The more shares your content receives, the bigger the audience it is exposed to thus increasing your traffic.

5. Keep your goals in mind. Are you looking for regular readers, or is your focus primarily on readers passing through and clicking on ads? Long term readers are attracted by educative and authoritative content while pass through readers are likely to be drawn by more flashy content.

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